The placement at SBSGETI actively bridges the gap between the students and corporate organizations. The instituteu2019s Placement Cell functions under the supervision of Placement Cell and operates all around the year to arrange campus interviews by the industries.

The Cell acts as a contact point for all Pharma and Non-Pharma Industries that wish to select students from SBSGETI. It expedites the whole process from collecting resumes, Telephone numbers and e-mails from the students and forwarding it to HR department of interested Pharma /Non-pharma Industries. Further it organizes Pre-placement talks (PPT) by companies for information about the company profile, job description and the package and finally helps the industries to conduct the induction process in the campus.u00a0 The Placement Cell acts as a platform for interaction between students and the corporate.

Students must apply to a corporate after careful consideration. Strict action will be taken against students who negatively impact the reputation of the College by their action or inaction while interacting with the corporate especially during the recruitment process.

All companies will conduct a pre-placement talk.

The Placement Cell is not responsible for the profile of job offered by the corporate. It is the duty of the student to clarify the same with the corporate.

Students are advised to attend the PPT for information about the company profile, job description and the package.

The Placement Cell of the College will categories the companies that come for recruitment into two categories (A and B). The category of a particular company will be informed to the students ahead of the companyu2019s arrival to the campus through mail.

Employers look for many other qualities besides academic achievement. SBSGETI students acquire a range of skills and experiences whilst at SBSGETI to compete most effectively. Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership and communication skills are provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible positions.

SBSGETI is consciously working towards a regime wherein industrial aspirations for recruiting plug and play kind of employees are met by imparting employ-ability skills to the students.
SBSGETI students have strong conceptual foundations, capacity to work and exposure to real-life work conditions.
The education system at our College is highly innovative and has incorporated the best practices followed in Higher education.
Curriculum based on an innovative Blended Approach that includes development of programs with inputs from Industry and Academia, application based pedagogy, continuous assessment and organized feedback from students for further improvisation.
The Flexible Approach of the academic system gives an opportunity to students to elect one or two open or social electives corresponding to the area of interest of the student.
The vocational focus of many of the courses and industrial training helps students to develop the maturity and employ-ability.
Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership and communication skills is provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible position by involving them in hobbies and sports and by specially structured personality development programs.
The students get total experience of Industry by way of constant seeding of Industry relevant technologies and skills, Industrial visits, Guest lecturers etc.
Comprehensive personality development programs, which are in consonance with the expectation of the employers.
The Corp. Relations team at SBSGETI prepares students for Campus Placement throughout the year by conducting GDu2019s, Mock interviews, Team work programs etc.
Comprehensive personality development programs, which are in consonance with the expectation of the employers.

Companies will come to campus to conduct pre-placement talks. These talks will give students an idea about the recruiting organizations and opportunities available within these. It also gives students the chance to interact with employees of the company and learn more about the work culture. Based on these talks, students decide to apply for these organizations.
The willing students submit their resumes to the company after the presentation or to the Placement committee in case the companies wish to have them early prior to their arrival on campus.
Based on the resumes, their academic records etc. the companies prepare a list of eligible students and inform them advance to the Placement committee.
The companies inform the Placement Committee about the recruitment procedure followed by them, like Group Discussions, Case Studies, Personal Interviews, written test etc. After the selection process, the companies announce the list of selected candidates on the campus itself followed by appointment letters. Our Placement AND CRC Team is glad to consider any other idea to help the recruiteru2019s to build stronger relations.

Student expected to complete his/her degree by June is eligible for placement.
Placement support is available to all the students registered/verified/authenticated with the Placement Portal only.
If a student after the recruitment process is placed in a particular company (for eg. Company C1), he or she would not be allowed to apply to another company in the same category (for eg. Company C2). However, there will be an option for a u2018Dream Companyu2019. This means that the student can select or apply in any company in the other two categories A & B.
If a student is placed in any company of category B (for eg. Company B1), he or she would not be allowed to apply to any other company of category B (for eg. Company B2)
If a student is placed in any company in category A, he/she will exhaust all further placement opportunities.
If a studentu2019s name is enlisted in the Waiting List of a particular company, it will not be considered as a placement and he/she will be allowed to apply in other companies.
If there is a time gap between the recruitment process and the declaration of the results by a particular company (say Company B1), the student will be allowed to apply to another company (say Company B2) during this period. But in case he/she is selected in Company B1 as well as Company B2, he/she will not be allowed to apply further (except for Category A Companies.

This is the first and foremost thing to do during campus placement drive. You should never miss Companyu2019s pre-placement talks and presentations because most of the times questions in HR interview are asked directly from what was conveyed during companyu2019s pre-placement talk during campus placement drive. It gives you a background of what company is doing, domain in which company is working and most important, technology that company is working on. This helps you in identifying if this is the right company for you. You should note down the points that are being conveyed during the presentation such as Annual Turn Over of the company, details about CEO and other important people in Company and their employee strength, locations and product details. Never show a disinterest to the points that are conveyed during introduction sessions in placement drive. In case there is no pre-placement presentation it is highly recommended that one should do through research regarding the organizationu2019s profile on internet.
Keep your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and other important documents in a professional document folder. You can carry two three copies of CV with yourself and never make a mistake of showing a Xerox copy of your CV during campus placement drive. Carry extra copies of all documents and have extra photographs as well. You must have read your CV thoroughly before sitting in placement drive.
Your dress will define your professionalism before the recruiters. So, never come in casual/party wear during campus placement drive. You must be in proper formals during campus placement drive. Apart from proper formals, you must also take care of your color matching. Get yourself a proper haircut and have a clean shave before sitting in a campus placement drive. You can also use a mild deodorant but in a proper quantity.



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