The dilemma of choosing the best college from the wide array of available colleges makes everyone confused. Seems like the most stressful and daunting task in someone’s life hence making it a matter of prime concern for everyone. College plays a vital role in Career. So it is important to choose a college wisely.
We are not amongst the Educational Institutes that invest hugely in College Advertisement and brand building. Our main asset is our students who make this institute the best pharmacy college, best B.ed college, best private ITI college in Fatehpur.
SBSGETI just don’t make promises, we believe in fulfilling the dreams. This is the right place for your overall development along with academics. The excellency in achieving the goals and producing the marvelous results make us one of the best college in fatehpur.

SBS Group of Institutions provides students with quality educational experiences. The support and services that lead to the successful completion of degrees, career/technical education and basic skills proficiency. The Institute fosters academic and career success through the development of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and cultural awareness in a learning environment. In meeting the needs of every student population, we shall embrace equity and accountability through measurable learning outcomes, ethical data-driven decisions and student achievement. To Nurture, develop and produce globally competent technocrats and business leaders with a strong desire to excel as professionals and improve quality of human life, society and environment.
We stand apart from the crowd and set as the best pharmacy college in fatehpur, B.ed college, Pharmacy college in fatehpur and ITI college in fatehpur.

SBS Group of Institutions are driven to provide excellent educational opportunities. We offer diverse and reform challenges as active participants in shaping the future of our world. To become a world class institution of academics and stood as a pharmacy college and B.ed college in fatehpur excellence with total commitment and dedication to quality education. Research, consultancy services, training, ethics and human values with a holistic concern for society and environment is offered by SBSGETI.

We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our institute. Our policies allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. And frankly, we don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company and in every educational domain. Our selfless work and excellence in policies make us recognised as a best private ITI college in fatehpur, pharmacy college in fatehpur, B.ed college in fatehpur. We have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change. We think regardless of who is in what dream those values are so embedded in this institute that SBSEI will do extremely well and will continue to be a best pharmacy college.


We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our institute, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. And frankly, we don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change. And we think regardless of who is in what dream those values are so embedded in this institute that SBSGETI will do extremely well.

Ms. ranjana singh

We take immense pleasure in welcoming you to Shiv Bali Singh Group of Educational & Training Institute , a group dedicated to the proper growth and overall development of each and every student for a better career prospect. We offer a variety of career development programs under different institutes like: College of Education, College of Pharmacy, College of Management & Skill development/ Trade School (Pvt ITI). The group is well positioned to provide a conducive learning environment and provide proper guidance to maximize the potential within each student. We also help them to identify their passions and boost their confidence / self esteem to prepare them for any future life challenges that may be faced by them after leaving the college.

These college provides full support to improve their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, moral values and sense of responsibility. All efforts are made to improve the creativity and problem solving abilities of the students so that they can contribute their best to the society and the country. The infrastructure has been developed with most modern equipment; provisions have also been made to upgrade the same keeping pace with the technological advancements of the time. SBS Group has a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty who devote their time not only to teaching but also for the overall development of the students. Further, faculty from other renowned institutions are invited to deliver guest lectures to help augment their studies beyond syllabus. We are confident that the students passing out from these colleges will be technically sound, confident and have good leadership skills. “I wish all the best to all the prospective students.”


Ms. Richa Singh

I am honored to present the SBS Group of Educational & Training Institute to future technocrats and young professionals of the country. We believe in development of skills and imparting the knowledge to our students for their professional growth and overall development.

Our endeavor has been to make this institution a center of excellence for education and to inculcate the right values among students. Our aim is to equip the students with Indian values and world class technical skills to enable them to achieve greater heights in life.

Our Mission is in promoting and facilitating quality education of the highest standard. To achieve this, SBS group of institutions provides a good infrastructure, full-fledged laboratories, a well stocked library, the latest software for computers and internet connectivity.

We welcome you to a world of collaboration, learning, and exploration, experimentation to widen your horizons and explore the opportunities. Together we will work as a team and succeed in achieving our noble goal. My best wishes to all the students for great success in career and in your life.


Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh

Affiliation/Administration Head

Affiliation / Administration Head

Communicate with new and existing affiliates regarding upcoming promotions and optimization opportunities. Work with management team to execute and close new affiliate deals. Coordinate with various teams to address affiliate needs in accurate and timely manner. Maintain open communication with all affiliates on the day-to-day issues. Maintained effective relationships with affiliate and assisted in improving performance.

To take charge of the administration functions to ensure that there is overall coordinated work and execution of tasks that will lead to improved overall personal and professional productivity. The role will work closely with the leadership team to safeguard and augment the efficiency of the organization's administrative functions, ensuring compliance with core financial controls and values and participating and enabling and accelerating growth and long-term success.

Mr. Shobhit Kumar

Admission Cell & Student Welfare Association HEAD

Admission Cell & Student Welfare Association HEAD

In accordance with our belief that the personality of an individual is groomed by the environment be lives in, we at SBS have developed a healthy and disciplined environment that ensures quality education through a corporate driven course curriculum that focuses on overall transformation of student through practical labs. Extra-curricular activities and major competitive events. Our competent corporate resource cell (CRC) expose to students to understanding the dynamics of professional corporate culture. Continuous industry interface opportunities through expert talks, industry visits, corporate training & internships develop students and improve their place-ability scores by aligning their knowledge, skills & Attitude with the key requirements of job market. We extend support to the youth of nation with a customized effort to nurture abilities to improve their competence levels and build a strong skillful and talented nation to bridge the gap.

Our team of Principals

Dr. Jay Prakash Singh

Dr. Jay Prakash Singh

Principal of SBS College of Education

Gulzar Alam

Dr. Gulzar Alam

HOD of SBS College of Pharmacy

manoj kumar singh

Manoj Kumar Singh

Principal of  SBS Edutech Pvt ITI

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